The Spiritual Music of the Great Composers
Peter Simon, Concert Pianist

International concert pianist Peter Simon has created a uniquely beautiful and inspiring program highlighting some of the world’s most sacred piano music. Included in this special concert is the deeply moving “The Blessings of God in Solitude” by Franz Liszt, written after he retired from the concert stage and lived in an Abbey; J.S. Bach’sIn Thee there is Joy” and “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desire”; the Piano Sonata of Ernst Bloch, whose musical interpretation of the ancient Hebrews is stunning; the last piano music of Franz Schubert, written on his deathbed and expressing his love of life and looking forward to the afterlife; and the last piano piece composed by Beethoven, which is profoundly spiritual.  Prefacing each work, Mr. Simon will briefly speak about each composer’s life and religious/spiritual views, as well as quotes from the Old and New Testament that match the music.  This is a deeply moving and profound program that exemplifies the best in Western Civilization’s religious music, and will linger in the minds of listeners for years to come.

Peter Simon, a former University Professor of Music, has performed to critical acclaim in Carnegie Hall, U.S. Embassies, European and Asian tours as well as hundreds of concerts in the continental United States.     

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