Peter Simon, Concert Pianist

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* Concert Pianist

View a Video Clip of performance at U.S. Ambassador's House in Israel

* Peter Simon: Pianist / Entertainer

The New Victor Borge! From cruise ships to concert halls to special events, hear the unique musical ability and humor of one of America's top entertainment pianists.

* Soloist with Orchestra

View a Video Clip of Franz Liszt's Totentanz for Piano & Orchestra


View a Video Clip of excerpts of live Play

* Simon & Son: Now & Then

The Father/Son Piano Duo on One Piano continues to put smiles on people's faces all over the world. ENJOY the unique music-making abilities of Peter and Saling Simon. "Simon & Son!"

* School Outreach Programs

View a Video Clip of Elementary School Show

View a Video Clip of Middle School Show

Samples from the Peter Simon Pianist CD

Godowsky: Study on Chopin Etude, Op.10, No. 1

Liszt: Consolation No. 3

Beethoven: Sonata No. 17 in D minor
"The Tempest" Last movement

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

Samples from the "Younger" Simon & Son CD

Sabre Dance

March Militaire

Begin the Beguine

William Tell

Samples from the "New" Simon & Son CD

Beer Barrel Polka

Skaters Waltz

Working on the Railroad

Samples from Saling Simon's CD

Comin' Round the Mountain

Boogie Time

White Christmas Medley


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