Peter Simon, the world's most popular interpreter of Franz Liszt today, presents a dramatic two-act play with music, costumes and props that recreates the extraordinary life, passions and romantic music of the greatest pianist who ever lived.
Immortal Music to be featured
Hungarian Rhapsody #2
Mephisto Waltz
Un Suspiro
Benediction to God
Arrangements of:
Beethovenís Sixth Symphony
Verdiís opera Rigoletto
Schubert Songs
Totentanz for Piano & Orchestra
and more!
From child prodigy and poverty to the gilded halls of 19th Century European royalty, and from scandal and superstardom amidst throngs of thousands to a priestís small cell, listen to the extraordinary life, loves and deeply passionate music of the greatest pianist of all times. Hear the emotionally charged romantic music that made women swoon, grown men cry and atheists become religious. International concert pianist PETER SIMON makes Franz Liszt come ALIVE! in this exciting one-of-a-kind theatrical production. A profoundly human and unforgettable evening of music and theatre.
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