Peter Simon, Pianist/Entertainer

The New Victor Borge!

Peter Simon has thrilled audiences of all ages from cruise ships to concert halls to fundraisers with his musical virtuosity and entertaining humor. This award-winning musician expresses both the serious and lighter side of classical and popular music in an original and colorful style, making for a delightful evening of fun, laughter and exquisite music. He has been compared to a new Victor Borge.

Press Reviews

From Carnegie Hall: Simon is well on his way toward filling the shoes of another Old Master Victor Borge. Simon, like Borge, is an engaging personality and an excellent raconteur. And, also, like Borge, Simon is a good pianist – a much better one, in fact, than his shtick would have us believe.”


From California: Simon enchanted and bedazzled those in attendance with his charm and musicianship

- - - The Sun , San Bernardino, Ca

From Oklahoma: Peter’s mix of the classics with his witty good humor make for an unforgettable evening of fine entertainment.


From New Zealand: Huge variety of non-stop family-style entertainment. Enthusiastic audience participation won many hears last night.


From Japan: The man in the news is the remarkable U.S. pianist Peter Simon. He performed in 13 different cities across the nation with notable success with audiences, combining music and humor.

- - - Gekkan Piano Magazine

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