Peter Simon, Children's Concerts

300 Years of Musical history in 35 entertaining minutes, complete with Test!  One of Peter Simon’s greatest career rewards has been performing elementary, middle and high school programs around the world.  Over twenty years of performances that have influenced hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents, Peter Simon has penetrated even the smallest of rural schools as a musical missionary for the beauty, power and educational benefits of classical music

“Children are the future of America,” he says. “We must invest in them for our future.”

“Kids have a real hunger to learn. They are so saturated and inundated with rock, rap and country music, but with little or nothing of the beauty and dignity of classical music. I’m on a crusade to introduce them to this unique and powerful art form.”   - - -  Peter Simon

A champion of music education, Peter Simon has been guest speaker for numerous civic and social organizations on "the Importance of Music Education in Schools & Everyday Life".


Reviews from Schools

It was pure magic to see 2000 school children in silence and awe with your unique presentation. You are the new Leonard Bernstein of Young People’s Concerts.

- - -  Burt Bright, Arts Director, Valdosta Georgia Arts Commission

You have a rare gift to win over people from all walks of life and demonstrate that classical music is truly for everyone.

- - -  Gary Goree, Arts Director, Tulsa Public Schools

You enable even small communities to enjoy your marvelous talent. Your extra attention to the children after the concert demonstrates your commitment to people and their quality of life.

- - -  Mary Ann Gaberino, McAlester Arts Council

Your concert was a perfect celebration of education and music – you were a complete artistic success and true ambassador for the arts.

- - - Neva Miller, Arts Coordinator, Wellman Iowa Public Schools

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