Peter Simon, Pianist / Entertainer
Peter Simon has established himself as one of America’s finest musicians and most distinctive and versatile musical personalities.  He is not only an international concert pianist who performs with orchestra  but also performs as a pianist / humorist / entertainer for fundraisers and cruise ships, a one-man dramatic play on the life and music of Franz Liszt entitled FRANZ LISZT LIVE!, a Solo Church Program: "The Spiritual Music of the Great Composers", pianist/orator in The Music & Poetry of Love, a masterclass instructor, a missionary for music in the schools, and Simon & Son, the only father / son piano team in America.  In reaching the heights of his profession, he has accomplished the rare artistic feat of generating both critical acclaim and widespread audience enthusiasm.  Both Mr. Simon and Simon & Son has toured throughout most of Europe and Asia, as well as many U.S. cities, including performances in Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Centre.

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